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About us

Aria Karkheh Zarrin Company

Aria Karkheh Zarrin Company was established in 2003 in Toos Industrial Town, Iran, with the approach of innovation and development in the food production and packaging industry, especially the modern and mechanized processing of various types of herbs and herbal medicines. Managers of this company have been focusing their efforts on the basis of long experiences and specialized attitudes towards spices, seasonings, flavors, herbs and herbs, given the need and capacity for development in this industry.

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Why us?

Why do customers choose Karkheh food?

Our headline is quality and customer orientation, due to the high precision in maintaining the quality of manufactured products, paying attention to the suggestions of dear customers and respecting their opinions and supporting the goods to ensure customer satisfaction makes the dear consumers safely to consume Give us our product.

Guaranteed quality of the goods
24 h
Time of distribution of goods
Covered customer
Product diversity

Natural and lasting flavors with Karkheh

High quality food basket for Iranian taste!

Competitive price

Reducing production costs and precision in preventing waste and speeding up production has caused the pricing at Karkheh Company to be 100% competitive due to its high quality.

Best raw materials

Performing various physical and chemical tests on products before packaging and packaging makes the raw materials used in Karkheh Company 100% guaranteed.

Excellent quality

The benefit of well-trained and skilled engineers and precise and accurate quality control ensured 100% quality assurance.

Latest News

Draw a club of Karkheh customers

Every month special prizes are given to lucky lucky karkhas

Dear customer, Thanks to your sense of choice and appreciate the consumption of the Karkheh products, each month you will be presented with a prize-giving prize.
Please visit our Instagram to discuss how to draw and award prizes.

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