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Brings natural and lasting flavors

Aria Karkheh Zarrin Company was established in 2003 in Toos Industrial Town, Iran, with the approach of innovation and development in the food production and packaging industry, especially the modern and mechanized processing of various types of herbs and herbal medicines.

Managers of this company have been focusing their efforts on the basis of long experiences and specialized attitudes towards spices, seasonings, flavors, herbs and herbs, given the need and capacity for development in this industry. With the passage of time and a sense of the need for product development by the market, the organization’s development plan was implemented around the items such as tea, beans, cake powders, jellies and puddings, and added to the company’s product group, obtaining all licenses and standards, both domestic and International, such as quality control certificates for the first time in Iran’s spice industry, is a golden prize for the company’s honors. The research and development unit of this company with the honorary presence of a group of university professors and specialists in traditional medicine, chemistry and food industry started in 1389. The results of this effective participation formulated all Karkheh products inside the complex, adding the company’s number of 200 product titles. The principle of quality and customer orientation is our main goal.