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message from head manger

Targeting is the most important factor in moving and creating the future. Objectives that clarify the destination and path of individual and organizational life. Thanks to the unparalleled creator who succeeded in reaching one of my most important goals in a hurry. With the hope and hope that with the work and effort together with the human capital of the company, we will provide the field of production of quality goods and the dignity of the people of Bajirat and Aziz, and also in the light of the special purpose of Imam Zaman’s right to the highest goals of the company with the cooperation, coherence, understanding and exchange. Ideas and constructive and valuable ideas and experiences.
In this regard, it will be great pleasure to help us with your comments and suggestions in this important mission. We still believe that there are many ways to get lost. Patience and Hemati are needed to keep up with the perseverance that we have in the members of this collection, to make new paths and to make ourselves a permanent Karkheh.

With the wish of health and well-being, Mohammad Amir Taraz Jamshidi